Wood County Health Department almost ready to begin offering dental care services

The department will have a sliding fee scale and will not turn away any patients. It will also accept Medicaid.

FDA: Honey pacifiers suspected in botulism cases

Car seats and winter coats: a dangerous combination

Study: One energy drink can harm our blood vessels

Sandusky County Health Department is out of adult flu vaccine

GRAPHIC: Mom warns against vape pen after one explodes, leaving son with shattered jaw

FDA recalls blood pressure medication due to possible risk of cancer

Continued Coverage

Mich. measles cases reach 15; officials urge vaccinations

Health Officials: 3 cases of measles in SC are unvaccinated children

Officials: ProMedica, Aetna remain in contract negotiations

Cleveland Clinic doctor says ‘polio-like’ illness cases continue to surface

Teen vaping ‘epidemic’ can cause lung inflammation, cancer

Saturday is Prescription Drug Takeback Day

  2,400 nurses, support staff at St. Vincent’s Hospital considering strike

Around 2,400 nurses and support staff hope to send a message to Mercy Health that they’re frustrated.

Findlay drinking water safe, despite musty smell

Residents in the city of Findlay have been complaining about their tap water tasting and smelling a bit off. Which has led to some worry on social media. But, officials say the drinking water in the Flag City is safe.

  Facing expensive prescription costs? One website shows different prices in various pharmacies

To Melisa’s surprise, she discovered she could fill her prescriptions at Costco for just $38 versus the hundreds she was originally told at a different pharmacy.

Choose healthy trick-or-treat options this Halloween

While candy isn’t considered healthy, there can be healthier options to find in your child’s candy bag.

  Doctors see large spike in head lice around Halloween

Flu shots being encouraged earlier this year

Ohio has 4 cases of mysterious illness striking children

UTMC researchers working on controlling blood pressure without exercise

7 Ohioans infected by drug-resistant salmonella strain

Dept. of Health: 1 case of AFM, a polio-like disease, confirmed in Ohio

  Adrian residents say their water still doesn’t seem right

This issue dates back to late July when city officials notified residents that their water was safe to drink and use, despite a strange odor and “earthy” taste.

Million-dollar pledge helps expands cancer research at University of Toledo

The donation honors Hal Fetterman sister and three friends who died from pancreatic cancer.

$400K federal grant aims to help those with mental health issues in Lucas Co. jail

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council in Lucas County announced Monday it's been awarded a $400,000 federal grant to help the council's Justice and Mental Health program.

Thousands walk downtown for annual ‘Light the Night Walk’

There was a total of 3,000 people who walked this year.

Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge 101 - Kelly answers your questions!

Kelly Heidbreder conducts SFWLC 101 on Facebook Live! Learn about registration with Kelly!

FDA: Vaping is now epidemic among children, teens

Parents are concerned with the increase in the number of kids who are using e-cigs. The devices can have sneaky designs that resemble highlighters and USB devices, and that makes it easier to hide the habit

CBD oil, sold in stores throughout Ohio, is illegal and can carry a felony charge

CBD oil is available online, in every state and is commonly found on store shelves across Northeast Ohio; however, it's illegal and can result in a felony charge

Lake Local Schools speaking out on mental health

Lake Local Schools is stepping up and speaking out about the topic on the world mental health awareness day. It's a discussion school leaders say we need to have, one they were brave enough to tackle together.

FDA: Vaping is now epidemic among children, teens

Parents are concerned with the increase in the number of kids who are using e-cigs. The devices can have sneaky designs that resemble highlighters and USB devices, and that makes it easier to hide the habit.

Welcome to the contest, from Kelly!

Welcome to the Super Fitness Weight Loss Contest! I’m Kelly Heidbreder, your host. Super Fitness and I have been working with hundreds of people in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan for over 11 years, helping people lead a healthier lifestyle. This weight loss challenge began in 2008. NBC’s Biggest Loser program swept me off my feet and as a TV anchor and reporter in Toledo, I wanted to do the same thing with friends and family right here at home. I approached Mercy H...

GRAPHIC: ‘Black, hairy tongue’: Yes, this really happens

A report in the New England Journal of Medicine said a 55-year-old woman developed the tongue condition as a side-effect to treatment of a wound infection she developed after sustaining severe leg injuries in an auto accident.

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Welcome to the contest, from Kelly!

Welcome to the Super Fitness Weight Loss Contest! I'm Kelly Heidbreder, your host. Super Fitness and I have been working with hundreds of people in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan for over 11 years, helping people lead a healthier lifestyle. This weight loss challenge began in 2008. NBC's Biggest Loser program swept me off my feet and as a TV anchor and reporter in Toledo, I wanted to do the same thing with friends and family right here at home. I approached Mercy H...

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CONTESTANTS -- Contestants must be 18 years old to compete. The pre-registration fee to participate is a $30 donation to Muscular Dystrophy / ALS Augie's Quest that will be paid at Super Fitness on or before October 23, 2018. Registration fee for the day of the Kick Off, October 23, 2018 is $35, donation to Muscular Dystrophy/ALS Augie's Quest, paid at Super Fitness. TIMETABLE -- October is Signup Month. Contestants must sign up before October 23, 8pm. This is...

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Study finds STDs on the rise

Locally, infection rates of Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are only slightly higher than previous years, but health officials say it still raises a red flag.

Contact Lenses

Tired of wearing glasses all day? The Maumee Eye Clinic is happy to add contact lenses exams and fittings to the services that we provide!

Oregon City Schools tests fountain fixtures for lead

The recent water crisis in Flint has city officials taking extra precautions to test if there is lead in the water. In Oregon, city schools decided to take steps this summer to make sure that their teachers and their students remain safe.  Lead pipes can pretty easily be maintained by an anti-lead corrosive agent that is in the water itself, but there is one more step to ensure safe drinking water and that is by maintaining the fixtures themselves. "Lead is not in the wate...

New vaccines required for seventh and 12th grades

School is out for the summer, but it's already time to start thinking about next year and making sure your child has the right immunizations.

Congressman Bob Latta puts together forum addressing opioid epidemic

In an interview with Congressman Bob Latta, it was clear the opioid epidemic was taking on new proportions. The congressman explained that prescription pill addiction has become evermore prevalent and that the cost of pills often leads to heroin use.

Lucas County Health Department has new leadership

The Lucas County Health Department is restructuring its leadership by appointing a new full-time health commissioner.

DART says number of opiate addicted greater than life-saving kits

The Lucas County Drug Response Task force is asking for help to stockpile a drug that can save lives.

LCHD responds to first sexually-transmitted Zika case in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Health has reported the first sexually-transmitted case of the Zika virus in the state.

Wood County rangers start carrying life-saving antidote

Wood County park rangers will start carrying a drug used to reverse opiate overdoses in the near future.

Tips on avoiding heat stroke

"The best thing would be loose-fitting, light-colored clothing. Wide-brimmed hat. Stay hydrated...eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. That will replace your salts," he said.

Hot weather tips: Avoiding heat stroke

"The best thing would be loose-fitting, light-colored clothing. Wide-brimmed hat. Stay hydrated...eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. That will replace your salts," Dr. Martis said.

Psychiatrist says the time is now to talk to children about Orlando tragedy

Tragedies like the Orlando nightclub massacre can be tough on kids, and with information at their fingertips, experts say it's important parents start the conversation now and focus on the positive.

Study focuses on handling of leftover prescription pills

A new study from Johns Hopkins indicated that more than half of patients who are prescribed opioids end up with leftover pills and many save them to use later.

UT scientists discuss Zika, Ebola virus at Science Café

Scientists from the University of Toledo will discuss the risks and prevention associated with the Zika and Ebola viruses for anyone interested in learning more on the subject on Tuesday.

19th Annual Toledo Heart Ball to benefit cardiovascular research and education

The American Heart Association is hosting it's annual Toledo Heart Ball with the help of emcees Emile Voss and Andrew Kinsey of WTOL.

What to do if you suspect your child has super lice

Doctors are telling parents to be vigilant checking their kids for lice.

The empty wheel chair

Most people spend the first week of a new year with great intentions of making healthy, life-changing goals and resolutions, and then worrying about how long it will be until they break them. For Mary, 2015 brought with it completely new and unexpected goals: survival and recovery. Just after the first of the year,

Healthy Lucas County grant project

Healthy Lucas County's chronic disease prevention and management project is among 39 awardees nationwide receiving funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Partnerships to Improve Community Health program. More than half of American adults have at least one chronic disease, and the grant program supports efforts to improve community health.Since obesity and many chronic diseases are preventable – including heart disease, stroke and...

Adding healthy produce to corner stores

Many low-income Toledo residents live more than a mile away from a supermarket with affordable, healthy food choices. These areas are known as food deserts. Eat Fresh, Live Well is working on a solution for this problem by helping neighborhood corner stores add fresh fruits and vegetables. The team provides a produce stand, signs and other assistance, and it also partners with Lott Industries to offer the stores regular deliveries of fruits and vegetables.For more information abou...

Simple steps to being healthier

Here are some Healthy Lucas County’s ideas for simple changes to reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, which are by far the leading causes of death in Lucas County.Eat healthier.  If it seems impossible to eat the five servings of vegetables and fruits every day that is recommended to be healthy, just start adding one more serving. Then another. And another. Gradually, you will get to the daily amount needed to stay healthy. Exercise more.  Lucas County res...

Smoke-free living

1. SMOKE-FREE LIVINGMany people overlook how their smoking can affect not only themselves but those closest to them – their loved ones and neighbors.  DaShe’ Frieson, a Tobacco Prevention Coordinator at the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, wants to change the way secondhand smoke is viewed.Secondhand smoke can be just as dangerous as smoking and can cause cancer, heart disease and other conditions.  It is especially dangerous around children, babies and preg...

Life Beyond a Wheelchair…One Step at a Time

Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing drive in the country on a beautiful, sunny day? Windows down… breeze blowing. Have you ever thought for one second that something as seemingly harmless as a receipt blowing in your face could alter the course of your life forever? That’s exactly what happened to Hannah.On May 20, 2013, Hannah was driving down a country road on her way to a friend’s house. It was a warm day and the air conditioning in her car was broken so she had ro...

Doctors warn of dangers of blue light exposure

It seems like many of us are glued to our computers or smartphones 24-7 these days, but could all of that exposure to technology be affecting your health?

ProMedica offering multiple clinics for free mammograms

Participants may be eligible regardless of age, history of breast cancer, history of breast abnormalities discovered independently or by a healthcare provider, or immediate family history of breast cancer.

The battle began when the tours were over

Some experts are calling it the “Signature Wound” of the war. Traumatic Brain Injury caused by explosions has become one of the most prevalent combat wounds suffered by soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. While severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can leave a person incapacitated, even a mild TBI (mTBI), often known as a concussion, can lead to debilitating symptoms including headaches, balance control, hearing problems, lack of self-control, mood changes, ringing in the ears, problems s...

How prepared is ProMedica for an Ebola patient?

Ebola tests on a 10-year-old boy came back negative for Ebola, but positive for malaria.Toledo-Lucas County Health Department officials have said the patient will be removed from the Toledo Children's Hospital ICU because malaria is not transmitted person-to-person.

The Shop at The Sight Center Celebrates its Grand Opening

The Shop at The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio will hold its Grand Opening on Tuesday, March 31st from 3:00pm – 7:00pm.The Shop features items that support independence for individuals who are blind, visually impaired or hearing impaired. These useful products have been chosen to help people with vision or hearing loss live safely and accomplish daily tasks with greater ease. Costumers are able to try products before they purchase them so they can determine the best fit for their needs. Items...

Measles FAQ from the Ohio Department of Health

Measles symptoms begin with fever, runny nose, cough, loss of appetite, and red, watery eyes for about four days, followed by a rash. The rash usually lasts 5-6 days and begins at the hairline, moves to the face and upper neck, and proceeds down the body.

Toledo-Lucas County Health Department offering 6 flu clinics this month

Officials at the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department says there has been a drastic increase in flu reports this season. In just the last two months, there have been 261 confirmed hospitalized flu cases and 2 presumptive flu deaths in Lucas County.

Toledo-Lucas Co. Health Department announces second possible flu-related death

An 89-year-old male from Lucas County recently passed away on Christmas Eve. The health department says he had multiple other underlying medical conditions, but the influenza virus may have contributed to his death.

Know the warning signs: World Stroke Day is Oct. 29

The American Stroke Association is asking people to stand in solidarity on October 29, World Stroke Day.

Ohio Department of Health sets up 24-hour Ebola hotline

The Ohio Department of Health is activating a 24-hour-a-day call center to answer Ohioans' questions about Ebola and the recent events in Ohio in an effort to ensure Ohioans get accurate, timely information.

Frequently asked questions about Ebola

There continue to be no confirmed cases in Ohio at this time. The Sandusky County Health Department has been in contact with local hospitals, EMS and participated in conference calls with the Ohio Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control.

Lenawee County health officials on alert after Michigan infant dies of Enterovirus

The Children's Hospital of Michigan says that a 21-month-old girl died last Friday due to complications of the Enterovirus.

St. Vincent's new equipment makes pediatric heart procedure possible in Toledo

A new medical procedure is available for the first time in the Toledo area, and it could drastically change how children with cardiovascular problems are treated in northwest Ohio.

Patient-centered healthcare being offered to more Ohioans

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) announced Thursday that Ohio now has more than 500 nationally recognized patient-centered medical home (PCMH) practices delivering primary health care services across the state.

Stone fruit recalled from multiple stores for possible listeria contamination

The FDA has issued a recall for fruit sold at several local stores due to a possible listeria contamination.

ProMedica Fostoria hospital plans to expand dialysis program

In response to an existing and growing need to expand dialysis services locally, ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital has committed more than $1 million to create a dialysis center in the Graystone Medical Building.

ProMedica holding free screening mammogram clinics through November

Over the next few months, ProMedica will be holding free screening mammogram clinics around northwest Ohio thanks to grant funding from the Northwest Ohio Affiliate of Susan G. Komen.

LIVE AT 12:30: Web chat with ProMedica Urologist Dr. Emmett Boyle

Join us for a live web chat today at 12:30 with Dr. Emmett Boyle Jr., a board certified urologist with ProMedica Physicians. He'll be able to answer your questions and give advice on urologic conditions, including kidney stones and infections, urinary incontinence, and urinary tract infections.

Web chat with CNP Lorrie Elchert on family health

Lorrie Elchert, CNP, joined us for a web chat to answer your questions and give advice related to family health, like why it's important to get an annual physical, reminders about necessary vaccinations, age-related testing, and more.

Web chat with Cancer Care Center's Dr. Robert Lavey

Robert Lavey, M.D., M.P.H., a Radiation Oncologist at Wood County Hospital, joined us for a live web chat to answer your questions and give advice on cancer-related topics and explain how the new technology in Wood County improves patient outcomes.